Collaborators at MFR Recordings. Belfast - 

Simon Mateer - Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer, Arrangements & Editing 
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(Deadman’s Ghost, Documenta, Will Alexander, Mark Braidner, Daydream-Nation, Sea Pinks, The Fugues, Kasper Rosa & many more..... Assistant Engineer on 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' Most Recent album - ('Who Built The Moon')

Jude McVitty - Production Writing Arrangements - Soundtracks, Theatre & Musicals. Vocal & Performance Coaching
(Culture Night Belfast, The Red Cross N.I, Wheelworks, Lift Arts, McGrath Jazz Duet, Vocal Harmony Arrangements & String Arrangements for Will Alexander Music)

Billy Boomer - Recording & Mix Engineer (rock, blues & metal)  
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(Pandora Ills, The Strange Museum, Oscar Aiken & Assistant Engineer - the Fugues, Will Alexander Music, El Tunjon)

Jon Sterry - Session Musician 
Bmus(hons) Music university of west London and has been a Professional tutor and session musician of 14 years. He specialise in Piano, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Backing Vocals & Arrangements, Transcribing. 
He is also Owner/Founder of TBSL Music Academy
Pricing - £30 Per Hours or £125 day session (6hrs)
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