Mark Braidner -
"There are many strengths to this album, most noticeably Mark himself, but the one we think is the strongest is the recording / production. If there is a perfect way to record a modern blues album then this should be used as the template." 

"The sound is warm and authentic"

Spiral Force -

12 songs recorded in an intensive few weeks at MFR Studios, Syi Matteer is a hero, so chill to work with, dedicated above and beyond the call of duty and a talented professional. We are really pleased with what we have done, with just a few overdubs, editing and mixing to do over the next week or two. Can't wait to get to hear the final mastered version!

Scream Blue Murmer :-

Simon worked like a Trojan, to make our work, work. He knows this and so do we, acknowledging this is the least we can do. We would also suggest that if anyone in Belfast is looking to record, MFR is the place to go. Syi Mateer has a work ethic second to none, a Phil Spector air about him and like all artists this needs to be treated with care.


A great time at MFR with Syi in March recording the new Juma album! Syi is gifted, dedicated, resourceful, professional, motivated and has a great sense of humour.  Syi invested himself in producing a great album as if it was his own and got us great results!  The atmosphere at the well equipped MFR was relaxed but purposeful and it was a great environment to work in.

'Good Vibrations' production team - 

Just listening back to the "live" recordings of all the rudi/outcasts tracks that appear in good vibrations courtesy of brian young, cathal cully, danny todd and keith winter and brilliantly recorded by syi mateer... you'd think that the spirit of johnny thunders was in the room!! brilliant! thank you so much guys! we are very grateful.

the Fugues

Professional and accommodating to the inevitable changes that occur in any creative medium. 

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