We do various recording packages to meet all audio needs.....

Pricing Structure - MFR Recordings. Belfast

The pricing structure as it stands at MFR Recordings. Belfast… 2018

we can offer you a range of packages starting at -

*£25 per hour for smaller sessions or if you prefer to spread your Album sessions out into shorter slots - Vocal Overdubs, ADR, Acoustic sessions, Additional Mixing sessions, Drum overdub sessions.....

a Single
(1 song package) at **Full Production
*£500 for 15 hours recording and mixing sessions
a E.P 
(4 song package) at **Full Production
*£1200 for 35 hours recording and mixing sessions
a Album
(up to 12 songs) at **Full Production
*£2300 for 70 hours recording and mixing sessions

**we ask for a 25% deposit on booking our larger - full production projects… 

We also provide -
Demo Studio Recordings
up to 4 songs - no overdubs (vocal overdubs and amp room separation for a cleaner sounding mix can be arranged)
*£200 for up to 6hours recording and mixing

Now offering -
Live Session Video shoots
£100 Footage synch to the 1 mixed song of your choice - Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 4K Camera
+ 2 Full HD Cameras. Editing and Colour Grading. X5 Lighting Set Up.

Additional Recording/Mixing Days
*£150 (6 hour session)

Edit session (non contact) - £50.00

Mix per song - £150.00 (includes a 2hr final mix session)

Various Session Musicians Available on Request 
(prices vary for £20-30 per hour)

£25 per track 
**we also use external masterings companies (prices vary from £25-35 per tack)
  • Stephen Quin - Analog Heart
  • Jon Moorehead - Moosetronix Mastering

Rehearsal Space
Full Bull backline (guit/bass amps, 6 piece & 3 piece drum kit, keyboard) and full x4 monitors system and x4 vocal/instrument microphones - £30 for up to 4hours or £20 for 2hours (Block Book Monthly x4 4hrs slots - £100 paid via paypal link) 

Contact Us for a Visit… 

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